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MARBLES Activity Book includes a four-page Welcome Unit and eight eight-page main units.

Each main unit contains:

  • A page to practise the Vocabulary presented in the Pupil’s Book
  • Two pages to practise the Language points presented in the Pupil’s Book
  • A spelling page to practise the Phonics presented in the Pupil’s Book
  • A page to extend the CLIL topic presented in the Pupil’s Book, along with activities to reinforce the Value highlighted in Act Smart!
  • A page for step-by-step Writing practice with a different text type per unit
  • A page to continue developing the Imagine, create and share theme
  • My Marbles file self-assessment page for children to reflect on their performance in each unit

The back of the book also includes:

  • Four two-page Reviews to consolidate learning: three for use after Units 2, 5 and 8 and a Final review for use at the end of the year
  • Eight pages of Exam practice, one for each unit, with A1 Movers exam-style activities

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