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Helbling Readers Red Series

Good readers make good learners

A growing collection with books and stories for all interests and literary tastes.

  • Well-known Classics by world-famous authors, selected to appeal to teens
  • Modern fiction created specifically for teenage English language learners
  • Graphic novels with cartoon spreads feature real dialogues and communication
  • Short reads support reluctant readers and ensure learners make real progress
  • Three levels from A1 to A2 with accompanying tasks and exam practice

    More About

    Helbling Readers Red Series includes a selection of adapted classics and original fiction to get students reading for pleasure right from beginner level.


    Extensive reading produces dramatic improvements in learners’ language ability in terms of both receptive and productive skills. Encouraging extensive reading at the correct level can have a long-term impact on learners’ language development. As students are exposed to the language by reading for pleasure, they gain confidence and are more likely to develop a habit of reading and a love of language.

    Alice Adventures in Wonderland - book print

    The Helbling Readers Red Series ensures satisfying, motivating and enjoyable reading experiences, whether the texts are original stories written specifically for learners, or adaptations of well-known books originally written for a general readership and graded with care to retain their original flavour. 

    A new home for Socks - montage

    By providing exposure to language at an appropriate level, used naturally in vivid contexts, Helbling Readers Red Series offers learners excellent opportunities to consolidate the language they know and to extend that knowledge, as they meet familiar language in new contexts.

    The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle - book print

    Helbling Readers Red Series also provides opportunities for learners to expand their knowledge of language, as they will meet vocabulary that is new to them. As great care is taken to make the meanings of new vocabulary transparent, with the help of illustrations and the glossary and clear contexts, this new language can easily be absorbed in the process of reading without learners feeling over-faced.

    BLOG - Screen

    The Blog provides plenty of ideas and resources such as interviews, lesson plans, tips and worksheets to enrich the teaching experience and make the most of Helbling Readers Red Series both in class and as part of an extensive reading programme.

    Helbling e-zone

    Technology made easy

    Helbling e-zone is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Helbling. It consists of a user-friendly online platform for both teachers and students.

    • Includes teacher tools for creating Cyber Homework and class tasks, plus student tools for interactive self-study
    • Feedback reports to check students’ progress
    • Timesaving self-correcting interactive exercises
    • Downloadable worksheets and tests
    • Full MP3 downloadable audios of both story and activities
    • Answer keys
    • Ideal for classwork and individual work.

    HELBLING Media App

    READERS | Red Series | Media App

    Quick access to multimedia material at any time, anywhere - with or without internet connection.

    The full audio is available via the HELBLING Media App for both students and teachers, on mobile devices and desktop computers. 

    The HELBLING Media App is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

    Download from the app store of your choice or via