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American JETSTREAM Second edition

Let your English flow

The second edition of Helbling’s successful 6-level course for adults based on a tried and tested syllabus, builds language skills for life, work, and study.

  • A six-level course taking learners from A1 to C1
  • Complete coverage of language and skills development at each level
  • Tasks that encourage creative and critical thinking
  • Extensive Exam Preparation and Training for international exams
  • A rich digital offer, including e-book+, HELBLING e-zone (LMS), and Helbling Media App

Key Features

With thought-provoking topics that promote cross-cultural awareness, American JETSTREAM Second Edition empowers learners to communicate effectively in today’s interconnected world.

Browse the brochure for a full overview of all the features.

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American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Learner Engagement

American JETSTREAM Second Edition motivates learners with its real-world themes and topics. You first! makes learning personal as students give their opinions and discuss their views. Your response? prompts intellectual and emotional responses to tasks and visuals.

American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Integrated Skills

American JETSTREAM Second Edition advances learners’ language and lexical skills. Vocabulary Plus ensures learners have the words they need, extending and enriching vocabulary learning. In the higher levels, Your story combines speaking and writing work to help learners find and use their voice in English.

American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Communication Skills

American JETSTREAM Second Edition develops functional and situational language. Language in Action lessons and videos focus on conversation skills and useful language in a range of everyday situations. Speaking & Pronunciation tasks boost oral fluency, build confidence and recycle key language.

American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Culture Matters

American JETSTREAM Second Edition fosters cross-cultural awareness. Culture Matters texts explore our world and its different cultures with discussion and reflection tasks.

American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Well-being

American JETSTREAM Second Edition creates a collaborative classroom atmosphere with Everybody up! activities. Take regular breaks from language work with De-stress tasks and focus on mindfulness and well-being.

American JETSTREAM Second Edition | Explore

American JETSTREAM Second Edition encourages curiosity and takes learners beyond the page and out of the classroom with Explore online research tasks and projects.

Components & ISBNs

Student’s Book
  • 12 Units with three lessons
  • Language in Action lessons
  • Vocabulary Plus pages
  • 6 Reviews with Culture Matters tasks
  • Pairwork activities
  • Grammar Reference
  • Exam Training section
  • Speaking & Pronunciation practice
  • Irregular verbs list
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and skills practice
  • Vocabulary Plus and Language in Action tasks
  • A Review quiz after every two units
  • Check your progress tests
  • A comprehensive Writing syllabus
  • A unit-by-unit Wordlist
  • Now in full color
On HELBLING e-zone
  • e-book+
  • Cyber Homework and Extra Practice
  • CLIL Projects: Integrated, topic-based groupwork
  • Pronunciation: A complete mini-course to effectively improve spoken English
  • Exam Practice: Training and practice for international exams
  • Online Tests: Unit, Mid-Term, and End-of-term
  • Downloadable transcripts for all Audio and Video
  • Audio
  • Video
Teacher’s Guide
  • Fully revised and updated
  • Teaching notes and keys
  • Transcripts for all Audio and Video
  • Background and cultural information
  • Extra supplementary ideas
  • Suggestions for mixed-ability groups
  • Unit and lesson summary boxes with objectives and outcomes
  • Pathway diagrams with an easy-to-follow overviews
  • Cross-references to the Workbook
  • Answer keys with model answers for Exam Training and Speaking & Pronunciation

On HELBLING e-zone

  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack
    • Presentation Software: interactive versions of Student's Book and Workbook
    • Testbuilder with Audio: ready-to-print or editable tests 
  • Placement Test
  • Downloadable transcripts for all Audio and Video


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Teaching notes and answer keys
  • e-book+ for class presentation
    offline for Windows/macOS

Download and print out the full list of ISBNs:

American JETSTREAM Second edition list

The original edition of American JETSTREAM is still available.


Technology made easy

HELBLING e-zone is a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) for teachers and students. The LMS allows you to create and adapt content, assign student tasks and homework, and support and monitor progress. Think of the e-zone as a four-step support platform for all your teaching:

Helbling e-zone | plan - reach - assign - track

A wealth of digital resources for teacher and learner offer flexibility for online, face-to-face, and blended learning cycles.

American JETSTREAM SE | digital wheel


Student’s Book and Workbook content in a state-of-the-art interactive format, both online and for mobile devices. Accessed via the e-zone, these e-books+ include embedded audio and video and self-correcting tasks.

LMS on HELBLING e-zone

  • Cyber Homework and Extra Practice: Extra activities covering listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and Language in Action dialogues, assigned by the teacher, with automatic feedback.
  • CLIL Projects: Integrated, topic-based groupwork to help develop fluency, critical thinking, and intercultural competence.
  • Exam Practice & Practice Papers: Systematic training and practice for a range of international exams including Cambridge English exams, APTIS, IELTS, MET, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
  • Online Tests: Assign Unit, Mid-Term and End-of-term tests directly to your students.

Teacher’s DIGI Pack

  • Presentation Software (IWB): An interactive version of Student’s Book and Workbook to present all material (including audio & video) on screen. Teachers can also access the e-book+ for class presentation in the HELBLING Media App for Windows and macOS. 
  • Testbuilder with Test Audio: Specially developed tests allow you to effectively evaluate your students’ progress. You can use ready-to-print tests or edit and generate your own versions for face-to-face teaching.
  • Teacher's Guide with Teaching Notes, Keys, and Guide for New Teachers
  • Class and Workbook Audio
  • Reference Material

Placement Test

Designed to give students and teachers a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of English grammar and usage.


AJS SE | Media App | offline ebook

Quick access to multimedia material at any time, anywhere - with or without internet connection.

All audio and video content for American JETSTREAM Second Edition is available via the HELBLING Media App for both students and teachers, on mobile devices and desktop computers.
Teachers can also access the e-book+ for class presentation in the HELBLING Media App for Windows and macOS.

AMJS | HELBLING Media App - iphone

The HELBLING Media App is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

Download from the app store of your choice or via

Get the American JETSTREAM Second Edition Pre-intermediate DEMOs!
Download the free Helbling Media App.
Open the app and add the media content by scanning the QR codes or entering the access codes:

AJS SE | Student's Book Demo code

Student's Book:

AJS SE | Teacher's Guide Demo code

Teacher's Book:

Go to HELBLING Media App


Audio and video-based lessons

Language in Action lessons examine high-frequency functional and situational language with audio and video support. Each unit includes a video lesson and the Teacher’s Guide provides guidance on how to exploit the material.


The Authors

Jane Revell

Jane Revell

Since starting out as a volunteer teacher in Rwanda in her twenties, Jane has taught English and trained teachers all over the world. Three times winner of the ESU Duke of Edinburgh Award for her ELT courses and books for teachers, she has also written readers, children’s stories, BBC radio and video material as well as innovative personal development books for teachers.

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Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy is an award-winning ELT author and teacher trainer. His publications include courses for adults and teachers’ resource books.
Jeremy has taught in the UK and Mexico and online (for the MATESOL at the New School, New York). He has travelled extensively working with teachers around the world.
Away from ELT, Jeremy is a musician and spoken word performer.

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Mary Tomalin

Mary Tomalin

Mary Tomalin was an ELT teacher and teacher trainer at International House, London. She is a writer of ELT coursebook materials at all levels. She has specialised in ELT Readers and has twice won the Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Award in the Advanced category.

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Amanda Maris

Amanda Maris

Amanda draws on a breadth of experience as a modern linguist, teacher, teacher trainer, and Cambridge English examiner to create innovative materials across a range of levels. In her work as a content creator, Amanda has enjoyed successful collaborations on some of the most wide-reaching materials, both print and digital.

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Deborah Friedland

Deborah Friedland

Deborah is a highly experienced writer and editor. She has taught in the UK and in Asia and collaborated with top authors to develop some of the world’s most popular EFL courses. As a lexicographer, she was part of the team behind the first EFL production dictionary.

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