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About HELBLING English

The mission of Helbling English is to promote understanding and communication between speakers of different languages by providing teachers and students with innovative English Language Teaching materials of the highest possible quality. 

Helbling English supports teachers with:

  • materials based on the latest findings in cognitive psychology, education and brain research to guarantee materials that fully cater for learners’ different interests, motivation, learning styles and cognitive capabilities;
  • innovative course books and multimedia materials that make learning English as a foreign language an interesting and enriching experience;
  • practical resource books to make all the latest research in education and language science readily available for teachers and teaching professionals.

Helbling English offers an exciting platform for teachers, applied linguists, materials writers and researchers to meet and anticipate the varying needs of learners anywhere in the world.

We are committed to delivering effective real-life language-learning solutions which integrate cutting-edge technology and applied linguistics with highest quality content for a fresh new holistic approach.

Helbling English titles have won top awards and prizes from the most prestigious institutions in the ELT world.