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Helbling Young Readers

Good readers make good learners!

An exciting series of story-driven graded readers for primary schools in 6 levels. Beautifully-illustrated picture books introduce young learners to the joy of reading in English and foster a life-long love for language.

  • Each story is carefully graded
  • Language is presented both as lexical groups and language functions
  • Audio of the story, chants and online games available on the new platform Helbling e-zone kids
  • Worksheets and extra teacher's resources also available

    More About

    Helbling Young Readers is a collection of specially written original fiction and beautifully retold classics, aimed at very young learners.


    Stories form a fundamental part of our lives. Sharing stories about who we are, what we do and how we perceive reality is an essential part of our sense of identity. Children are fascinated by and drawn to stories and will actively try to understand them. By promoting a ‘narrative sensibility’ (Jerome Bruner) in children, through exposing them to a variety of stories, we help them develop a sense of who they are, as well as, strategies to promote integration and social skills.

    • Creates a stimulating learning environment
    • Increases attention span
    • Greatly helps to expand vocabulary
    • Anchors new words and structures in a meaningful way
    • Enhances memory and retention levels
    • Fosters an interest in and love for language
    • Develops the imagination and creative thinking
    Young Readers | More for Students
    • Beautifully illustrated stories
    • Activities with a TPR (total physical response) dynamic learning approach
    • Open-out vocabulary flaps on each book
    • Open-type font to make reading accessible to children with reading difficulties
    • Fun online project pages
    Helbling Young Readers - Catalogue p38
    • Language highlighted at a glance for easy preparation
    • Visual CLIL pointers


    PLUS, on Helbling e-zone kids:

    • Free downloadable worksheets with Cambridge Young Learners exams practice
    • Free downloadable Project pages with extras needed to complete all tasks
    • Flashcards and Guide to using Flashcards
    • How to help your child read in English
    • How to use Big Books
    Big Books - Julia 02

    Helbling Young Readers are also available as Big Books. Big Books make reading a fun experience while being a powerful tool for language learning. Maxi-format illustrations will captivate any class or group and enlarged text will allow children to see and follow words as they are pointed to and read by the teacher.

    Blog | Overview

    Go to the Young Learners category on our blog for all the latest theory, plus lesson plans and interviews with the authors and illustrators.

    Accessible to all

    TTT - Font

    We take great care to ensure our stories are as accessible as possible to a broad audience. Our choice of font helps children with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, who often find certain typefaces challenging.

    Using thicker paper and a text layout which includes an evenly spaced font, wider line-spacing and carefully calibrated line lengths, we can significantly reduce the visual stress experienced by many readers who suffer from reading difficulties.

    Helbling e-zone kids


    Helbling e-zone kids is the Learning Management System (LMS) for young learners developed by Helbling. It consists of a user-friendly online platform for both teachers and students.

    For students

    • Online games: play individual games or motivating classroom team challenges
    • Audios: listen to the stories and do the activities
    • Chants: listen to the chants then join in using the karaoke versions
    • Downloads: print out your resources for extra fun

    For direct access click here (code required).

    For teachers

    • Worksheets providing language evaluation and consolidation as well as exam practice
    • Flashcards
    • Flashcards Guide
    • Big Books Guide
    • Answer Key