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Top Grammar contains 25 sections, each including several 2-page units — the rules on the left, the exercises on the right. Each unit focuses on one specific grammar theme.
The rules are clearly explained and given in a graded sequence, starting from the basic standard form and structure of a grammatical item, covering the various exceptions, and further developing its communicative use in the spoken and written language.

The online offer replaces the physical CD-ROM and includes:

  • lots more activities for each of the grammatical areas covered in the book;
  • authentic texts from English and American papers and magazines with exercises;
  • a special pronunciation section where students identify sounds and phonetics and practise key words.
The exercises:
  • Graded from the simplest to the most complex.
  • In addition to the grammar theme, a lexical theme (based on the Preliminary/First vocabulary topics) underlying the exercises is present in each unit.
  • At the end of each section: two-page review PLUS two-pages of Preliminary/First-type activities.
  • Appendix with:
    • table of the modals
    • mind maps of the tense system
    • phonetic table with exercises
    • list of irregular verbs.

Plus, on e-zone:

  • Cyber Homework 
  • Extra digital resources (interactive content replacing the physical CD-ROM)


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