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MARBLES, the brand-new six-level course for young learners based on the whole-child approach, brings the outside world into the classroom.

MARBLES blends real-life topics with exciting storylines and videos to keep interest and motivation levels high and develops language competence and builds Learning for life skills while students have fun and grow in confidence.

  • Stories, songs & videos help make Vocabulary and Language memorable.
  • Focus on phonics with catchy songs, chants and song videos.
  • CLIL sections and Act Smart! values promote social, emotional and global learning.
  • Let’s talk feature highlights functional language and fosters speaking skills.
  • Imagine & create projects foster collaboration, creativity and communication skills.
  • Reviews round off each unit with reflection on learning and self-assessment.
  • Exam preparation practice type activities and focused pages for Cambridge A1 Movers and A2 Flyers.

Key Features

MARBLES helps nurture children into rounded individuals and responsible global citizens, using a range of activity types. The series offers an extensive range of print and digital materials.

Browse the brochure for a full overview of all the features.

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MARBLES brochure

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MARBLES | Learning for Life

MARBLES nurtures children into rounded individuals and responsible global citizens. Each marble highlights activities which promote different aspects of Learning for life, which vary according to the level the child is working at.

MARBLES | Topics & Vocabulary

Each new topic is presented through an engaging composite illustration at the start of the unit, with accompanying audio. New vocabulary is presented using combined media: photographic video animation and individual illustrations with flashcards. Throughout the unit, there are many opportunities to use the new words, as well as a Picture dictionary for reference.

MARBLES | Phonetics & Sound

In each unit, children practise key sounds that may be difficult for non-native speakers to identify and produce. The target sounds are presented via age-appropriate language in a fun rhyme. Fun animated audios and videos (Chants, Songs and Grammar Raps) are provided to motivate and encourage children to participate, thereby reinforcing language.

MARBLES | Stories & Skills_def

Animated stories and videos throughout the course allow children to follow the episodic stories of the characters and get engaged. Stories provide motivating entertainment, consolidate the unit language and vocabulary and allow the practise of the skills. They can be followed in the Pupil’s Book comics and also in the video animations. The Skills pages in the Activity Books integrate the stories and help children practise and consolidate the language and skills of the unit.

MARBLES | MB3_PB_19_LondonEye2

MARBLES offers a wide range of video content as a highly effective and motivating learning tool at different stages of the unit. Subjects are brought to life and children look forward to watching the next installment of the animated videos or are curious to learn more about real life subjects presented by children of their own age.


Every unit features real-world content with CLIL pages related to the unit topic. Themes span Art, Natural science, Social science, Maths, History and Geography. Children can apply the knowledge they gain from these lessons to other subjects they are learning. Positive values and Learning for life skills are reinforced throughout the course in different ways, while highlighting aspects of Social and emotional learning (SEL) and Global learning.

MARBLES | Review & Exams

Review pages in the Pupil’s Book and My Marbles file pages in the Activity Book encourage metacognitive thinking skills. This course is designed so that by the end of Level 4, children will be ready to take Cambridge English A1 Movers test and the Cambridge English A2 Flyers test by the end of Level 6. External exam activity types are practised in the Exam practice section at the end of the Activity Book.

MARBLES | shutterstock_2087569489

Whether teaching online or face-to-face, or a blend of both, MARBLES offers a wealth of digital materials and resources, available on HELBLING e-zone kids. Our user-friendly platform enables teachers to deliver content, assign tasks and homework, and to monitor children’s progress. All the audio and video content is also available via the HELBLING Media App.

Components & ISBNs

Pupil’s Book

  • 104-112 full-colour pages
  • Welcome unit 
  • Eight main units
  • Language reference section
  • Full-colour Picture dictionary
  • Imagine & Create project pages 

Activity Book

  • 88 full-colour pages
  • Welcome unit 
  • Eight main units
  • Three Review sections plus Final Review for use at the end of the year
  • Exam practice pages with A1 Movers and A2 Flyers exam-style activities (for levels 3–6)

On HELBLING e-zone kids

  • Pupil’s e-book+
  • Activity e-book+
  • Online Games
  • Online Practice


  • All audio and video content for mobile devices

Teacher’s Book

  • 212-224 pages with full-colour reproductions of the Pupil’s Book pages.
  • Map of the Book detailing the contents for the course
  • Comprehensive Introduction outlining the course approach, print and digital components and a tour of a unit
  • Full teaching notes, including the Exam practice (for levels 3 -6) and Review pages in the Activity Book
  • Answer keys
  • Full video and audio scripts 

On HELBLING e-zone kids

  • Presentation Software (IWB): 
    • Interactive versions of Pupil’s Book and Activity Book
    • Digital Flashcards (for levels 1-4)
    • Train to think activities
    • Teacher’s Resources
  • Full assessment package with audio
  • Online Practice



  • All audio and video content for mobile devices

Download and print out the full list of ISBNs:


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HELBLING e-zone kids

Whether you teach online or face-to-face, or a blend of both, MARBLES offers a wealth of digital materials and resources, available on HELBLING e-zone kids, a user-friendly online platform for young learners and teachers.


MARBLES | e-book+

The interactive Pupil’s Book and Activity Book, with embedded audio and video. These digital books include interactive self-correcting tasks and are also accessible on mobile devices.

Online Practice

MARBLES | Online Practice

A range of online interactive tasks covering vocabulary, language and skills work. Teachers can select and assign tasks on HELBLING e-zone kids, set a deadline and receive a report detailing the pupils’ results.

Presentation Software (IWB)


The teacher’s version of the pupil’s material for presentation on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) for face-to-face classes or for screen-sharing in virtual classrooms. Particular features include:

  • Train to think: specially-devised activities to train pupils in thinking skills
  • Digital Flashcards for vocabulary presentation and practice
  • Other Teacher’s Resources including Teacher’s Book and Worksheets


Assessment package

MARBLES | Assessment package

A comprehensive package including:

  • Interactive unit Progress Tests at two levels of difficulty: Standard and Extension
  • Separate Speaking Tests for each unit
  • Interactive Combined Tests to evaluate progress after every three units
  • Testbuilder software to generate tests which teachers can download and print to give out in paper form
  • Diagnostic Test (for levels 3 and 5)
  • Audio tracks




All audio and video content is also available via the HELBLING Media App.

Get the MARBLES level 1 Media App - DEMO!


Download the free Helbling Media App to your smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and add the media content by tapping on the + sign, then scan the QR code or enter this access code: XXXX-GADC-XFQW-B7GA

Go to HELBLING Media App


Watch this slideshow to explore the full digital offer for pupils and teachers.


MARBLES offers a wide range of video content as a highly effective and motivating learning tool at different stages of the unit. 

Animated comic stories - Whatsit and friends!
levels 1-2

Animated comic stories - Space Time Adventures
levels 3-4

Real-life videos - Our world with Jenny and James 
levels 1-2

Real-life videos - Mia & Mike
level 3

Real-life videos - The Twins with Lucy and Leo
levels 4-5

Round the world videos
levels 5-6

CLIL videos with Luna and Jamie
levels 5-6

Animated song videos
levels 1-4

Vocabulary videos
levels 1-4 

Animated videos - Rap with Ronnie!
levels 5-6

The Authors

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta is an award-winning author and teacher trainer. He has been a plenary speaker at numerous international conferences, and has conducted workshops and given seminars in more than 50 countries. For almost three decades, he has carried out research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology to English Language Teaching.

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Gavin Biggs

Gavin Biggs

Gavin Biggs has been working in education for approximately 20 years, teaching and managing educational projects with government, academic, vocational and corporate partners. Gavin has a degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter and his professional interests include the effective use of stories in learning, and motivational psychology in the classroom.

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Anna Osborn

Anna Osborn

Anna Osborn is a highly experienced ELT author and English language teacher. Following a degree in Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, she taught English across Europe before trying her hand at writing. She is now the author of more than 20 ELT course books for children of all ages, some of which are award-winning or nominated.

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