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Helbling Young Readers Fiction

Young readers make young learners!

An exciting series of original graded readers for primary schools in 5 levels. Engaging stories with beautiful full-colour illustrations, specially written to appeal to young learners of English, introduce high-frequency words in order to promote fluency from an early age.

    More About

    Helbling Young Readers - FICTION is a collection of specially written original fiction, aimed at very young learners.

    The Dark in the Box - p22-23

    The stories revolve around the children’s reality and tackle issues that are both relevant to young learners and interesting for teachers to develop in class.

    The Sun is Broken p28-29

    Fun on-page activities stimulate communication and interaction and get the readers to relate the stories to their own experiences or to other curricular subjects. Before and After Reading activities pre-teach and practise words and structures and provide skills and pronunciation practice.

    Big Books

    Helbling Young Readers Big Books will bring reading to life for all children in your classes.

    They are an ideal way to make reading a shared experience in fun group situations, helping to develop confident and motivated individual readers.

    • Size: 35x35 cm
    • Pages: 24 (story only)
    • Picture dictionary
    • Quick guide in book
    • Story available as MP3 download
    • Downloadable Guide to using Big Books

    Language & Exams

    Helbling Young Readers - Levels

    Each level has a ‘mascot’, a small friendly animal that talks to the reader and proposes questions, mini-tasks and simple exercises related to the story.

    Level A

    Cambridge Pre A1 Starters
    Trinity: 1

    • Alphabet
    • Colours
    • Countries
    • Faces
    • Greetings
    • Numbers 1-10
    • Pets
    • School things
    • Snacks
    • Toys
    • Wild animals (zoo and jungle)

    Level B

    Cambridge Pre A1 Starters
    Trinity: 1

    • Clothes
    • Farm animals
    • Festivals
    • Games
    • Houses and rooms
    • Numbers after 10
    • Parties
    • School subjects
    • Seasons
    • Weather

    Level C

    Cambridge Pre A1 Starters
    Trinity: 1

    • Ecology 1
    • Garden and nature
    • Helping at home
    • Jobs
    • Places
    • Pocket money
    • Sports
    • Town 1

    Level D

    Cambridge A1 Movers
    Trinity: 2

    • Bodies
    • Directions
    • Emotions 1
    • Family
    • Health
    • Months
    • Town 2
    • Transport

    Level E

    Cambridge A1 Movers
    Trinity: 2/3

    • Dreams
    • Ecology 2
    • Emotions 2
    • Fashion
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • TV