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American JETSTREAM Second edition Intermediate

American JETSTREAM Intermediate encourages B1 learners to take a more systematic approach to their learning language

  • Opener pages introduce the theme of each unit and present key topic vocabulary
  • Listening reflects real-life situations, including conversations, interviews, talks, reports, and radio shows
  • An extended Vocabulary Plus section focuses on affixation, phrasal verbs, and idioms
  • Further coverage of Cambridge B1 Preliminary, APTIS (General & Advanced), IELTS, MET, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC
  • Speaking & Pronunciation pages promote creativity with mini-drama and podcast tasks
  • Writing activities develop functional language and consolidate linkers of addition and contrast


Student’s Book
  • 12 Units with an opener and three lessons
  • Language in Action lessons
  • Vocabulary Plus pages
  • 6 Reviews with Culture Matters tasks
  • Pairwork activities
  • Grammar Reference
  • Exam Training section
  • Speaking & Pronunciation practice
  • Irregular verbs list
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and skills practice
  • Vocabulary Plus and Language in Action tasks
  • A Review quiz after every two units
  • Check your progress tests
  • A comprehensive Writing syllabus
  • A unit-by-unit Wordlist
  • Now in full color
    On HELBLING e-zone
    • e-book+
    • Cyber Homework and Extra Practice
    • CLIL Projects: Integrated, topic-based groupwork
    • Pronunciation: A complete mini-course to effectively improve spoken English
    • Exam Practice: Training and practice for international exams
    • Online Tests: Unit, Mid-Term, and End-of-term
    • Downloadable transcripts for all Audio and Video
    HELBLING Media App
    • All Audio and Video files for mobile devices
    Teacher’s Guide
    • Fully revised and updated
    • Teaching notes and keys
    • Transcripts for all Audio and Video
    • Background and cultural information
    • Extra supplementary ideas
    • Suggestions for mixed-ability groups
    • Unit and lesson summary boxes with objectives and outcomes
    • Pathway diagrams with an easy-to-follow overviews
    • Cross-references to the Workbook
    • Answer keys with model answers for Exam Training and Speaking & Pronunciation
    On HELBLING e-zone
    • Teacher’s DIGI Pack
      • Presentation Software: interactive versions of Student's Book and Workbook
      • Testbuilder with Audio: ready-to-print or editable tests
    • Placement Test
    • Downloadable transcripts for all Audio and Video
      HELBLING Media App
      • All Audio and Video files for mobile devices
      • Teaching Notes and Keys

      Scope & Sequence

      Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level. (Coming soon)

      Sample Materials

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      Student's Book

      The Authors

      Jeremy Harmer

      Jeremy Harmer

      Jeremy is an award-winning ELT author and teacher trainer. His publications include courses for adults and teachers’ resource books.
      Jeremy has taught in the UK and Mexico and online (for the MATESOL at the New School, New York). He has travelled extensively working with teachers around the world.
       Away from ELT, Jeremy is a musician and spoken word performer.

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      Jane Revell

      Jane Revell

      Since starting out as a volunteer teacher in Rwanda in her twenties, Jane has taught English and trained teachers all over the world. Three times winner of the ESU Duke of Edinburgh Award for her ELT courses and books for teachers, she has also written readers, children’s stories, BBC radio and video material as well as innovative personal development books for teachers.

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