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Helbling Readers Red Series Fiction Maze Stories

Good readers make good learners!

Three exciting new adventure mini-series in three levels where the reader can influence what the characters do and what happens to them by choosing what happens next in the story.

  • Meet the author and find out about the series in the introductory pages
  • Interactive stories allow the readers to choose their own story path and ending
  • Character spreads introduce the people and context of each book
  • Gripping original plots stimulate the students’ imagination and activate thinking skills
  • Before and After Reading activities help and check understanding
  • Written by Gavin Biggs

    More About

    Read, think and guess. The Maze Stories encourage students to interact as they read and allow them to choose their own story path.

    Language & Exams

    LEVEL 1 - A1

    Towards Cambridge A2 Key
    Trinity GESE Grades 1-2

    Present simple of auxiliary verbs and can; present simple of most common verbs; present continuous; imperative; there is/there are; like/love/hate doing; short answers and question tags; interrogative sentences (who/what/what colour/how much/how many); would like; interrogative pronouns; personal pronouns (subject and object); plural nouns; countable and uncountable nouns; possessive adjectives; possessive ‘s; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; adverbs of frequency; some and any; definite and indefinite articles; cardinal and ordinal numbers; conjunctions.

    LEVEL 2 - A1/A2

    Towards Cambridge A2 Key
    Trinity ISE Foundation (GESE Grades 2-3)

    Past simple of auxiliary verbs; past simple of regular verbs; past simple of common irregular verbs; past continuous; past simple vs past continuous; present continuous as future tense; be going to as future tense; have to vs must; comparatives; superlatives; common adverbs; possessive pronouns; prepositions of time and place; prepositions at the end of sentences; subject and object questions; to for purpose.

    LEVEL 3 - A2

    Cambridge A2 Key
    Trinity ISE Foundation (GESE Grades 3-4)
    Present perfect; will for future tense; modal verbs: should; most common phrasal verbs; yet/already/just; one/ones; ever/never; reflexive pronouns; indefinite pronouns; too + adjective; not + adjective + enough; relative pronouns who, which and that; either/neither; impersonal pronouns you, one and they; very/really/quite.

    The Secret Statues

    Maze Stories | The Secret Statues

    An international group of thieves has collected some ancient statues that can turn people into animals. They are now kidnapping children and training them to become master thieves. But Violet, one of these children, is trying to stop the group’s evil plans.

    • The Tiger’s Tail (level 1)
    • The Cat's Paw (level 2)
    • The Wolf’s Tooth (level 3)

    The House of Heroes

    Maze Stories | House of Heroes

    Since the beginning of time, the White Owl and the Black Owl have been battling over the mysterious power of the crystal eggs. In the House of Heroes, the White Owl travels through time and space to find true heroes who can help him to prevent the Black Owl from destroying all that is good.

    • The Blue Egg (level 1)
    • The Red Spirit (level 2)
    • The Black Owl (level 3)

    School of Labyrinth

    Maze Stories | School of Labyrinth

    Hidden away at the end of a lonely road deep in a dark forest, there is a secret school. Inside the school there is a series of deadly mazes, puzzles and traps that will push the students to the very edge.

    • The Spelling Bee (level 1)
    • Space Camp (level 2)
    • Summer School (level 3)