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MARBLES Pupil’s Book includes a two-page Map of the Book and a six-page Welcome Unit

Each of the eight ten-page main units contains:

  • A topic and Vocabulary presentation and practice spread with video
  • Two pages with presentation and practice of two Language points
  • A Phonics page to present and practise a key sound through a chant and a song with video
  • A page with engaging CLIL material related to the unit topic and a Value highlighted in the Act Smart! feature to develop aspects of Learning for life such as Global learning or Social and emotional learning (SEL).
  • Odd-numbered units: These include a spread for skills practice – a page for Reading and a page for Listening and Speaking. The Listening and Speaking pages feature the Mia and Mike videos with While watching activities and a Let’s talk box highlighting functional language. The associated speaking task fosters collaboration.
  • Even-numbered units: These include an episode of the Space Time Adventures story with animated video as well as comprehension and creative follow-up tasks.
  • An Imagine, create and share page with step-by-step activities promoting imagination, creativity, collaboration and communication skills as pupils create their unit project
  • A Review page for consolidation and self-assessment

The back of the book also includes:

  • A Language reference section with language tables for each unit
  • A full colour Picture dictionary
  • Four pages for inspiring and recording the Imagine, create and share projects

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is the brand-new six-level course for young learners based on the whole-child approach, bringing the outside world into the classroom.


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