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MARBLES Teacher’s Book is easy to use and gives step-by-step teaching notes that help deliver a comprehensive lesson.
A two-page Map of the Book details the contents for the course, and a comprehensive Introduction outlines the course approach, print and digital components and a tour of a unit.
Each unit starts with a Unit objectives box to help with your overall planning as well as a reproduction of the Pupil’s Book opening spread, which is used in both Lessons 1 and 2.
A Lesson objectives box at the start of each lesson gives you more detailed guidance for your planning.
The teaching notes for each lesson start with a Warmer activity. This is an opportunity for the children to display their prior knowledge of the topic or to revise from previous lessons.
Full teaching notes with answer keys and audio and video scripts are included, as well as notes for the Review and Exam practice pages in the Activity Book.
The Ending the lesson activity consolidates what the children have learned. Extra activities give ideas for any spare time in the lesson or for fast finishers. These include both Reinforcement activities and Extension activities.

on Helbling e-zone kids

  • Presentation Software (IWB):
    • Pupil’s e-book+
    • Activity e-book+
    • Digital flashcards
    • Train to think
    • Teacher’s Resources
  • Full assessment package with audio
  • Online Practice

Helbling Media App

  • Audio
  • Video
  • e-book+ for class presentation offline for Windows/macOS

is the brand-new six-level course for young learners based on the whole-child approach, bringing the outside world into the classroom.


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