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SURE Beginner

Be sure with SURE

A motivating first encounter with English with lots of support for today’s beginner students.

  • Clear learning objectives in each module ensure a sense of progress
  • Grammar is supported with Bonus Grammar tasks and an online grammar reference
  • Vocabulary is presented with visual support aiding memory and retention
  • Communication videos and vox pops present new language in context and provide models for production
  • Pinboard pages provide space for students to have fun with English


Student’s Book
  • 6 Modules
  • 12 units
  • SURE Start
  • A and B Lessons
  • Grammar Hub
  • Communication with Video
  • Skills Development
  • Focus on Accuracy & Fluency
  • Check your Progress & Pinboard
  • Culture Dossier
  • 6 Modules
  • 12 units
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Grammar Consolidation
  • Additional Reading Texts
  • Writing Tasks and Extension
  • Grammar Reference
On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+
  • Student Practice
  • Cyber Homework
  • Video Activities
  • CLIL Projects
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Video
Teacher’s Book

Teacher’s Books are packed with fresh, practical ideas and activities that really provide support and guidance for every lesson. They also include a DVD with videos consisting of presentation and communication dramas, documentaries and vox pops.


The online Testbuilder is available on Helbling e-zone. It includes specially developed Basic, Progress Plus and Exams Tests providing support for teachers to effectively evaluate student progress. It enables teachers to tailor tests prior to printing. Tests are also available in a ready-to-print format.

Video DVD

All the SURE video content, also available in American English.

Three Class Audio CDs

All the SURE audio content, also available in American English.

On Helbling e-zone
Teacher’s DIGI Pack
  • Presentation Software (IWB)
  • Testbuilder + Test audio
  • Teacher’s Book + Class audio
  • Reference material including Scope & Sequence, Trinity GESE & ISE
  • Photocopiables including Entry test, Placement Test, Video lessons worksheets, Grammar help, Speaking skills for exams, Word banks
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Video

Scope & Sequence

Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level.

Sample Materials

Browse our sample materials now!

Student's Book – Module 3
Workbook – Module 3


Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs taught English for many years abroad and in the UK, and is a prize-winning playwright and screenplay writer. He co-writes course books with Julia Starr Keddle, and has written and developed numerous video projects. He loves writing stories, especially graded readers for learners. He uses his creativity and film-making experience to make his materials involving and fun.

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Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle taught English abroad and in the UK for many years. She has written many successful course books with Martyn Hobbs and other materials for young people. Julia is particularly interested in accuracy and fluency, teen development, and developing ‘soft skills’. She loves thinking of new ways to present language and making it relevant, exciting and visually appealing.

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