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Wake up, Africa Conductor's Edition SATB

16 choral pieces

  • Music: Lorenz Maierhofer, Africa, traditional
  • Arrangement: Lorenz Maierhofer
  • Lyrics: Lorenz Maierhofer, Africa, traditional
  • Voicing: unaccompanied, 4-part
  • Components: Choral Collection, Audio CD
  • Details: 72 pages, Softcover, 195 x 270 x 6 mm
  • ISMN: 979-0-50202-449-9
  • ISBN: 978-3-85061-726-0
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It is the rich and powerful expression in African songs, cultures and landscapes that inspired Lorenz Maierhofer to arrange and compose his African choral pieces. Many choirs already love to sing these touching and moving choral highlights in African ethno-style. They perform in a typical combination of singing and dancing. The rhythmic accompaniment (e.g. drums and shakers) and choreography (dancing movement and gestures) are characterized by creativity and improvisation.

Content: Wake up, Africa - Singa Yesu Singa - Sana, Sananina - Yakanaka Vhangeri - Aya Ngena - Ipharadisi - Uyingcwele Baba - Masithi, Lord Jesus - Bianu umuaka kwenu - Mother Sun - Deep in the Earth - Banuwa-Round - Si ma ma kaa - Hambani kahle


  1. Wake up, Africa
  2. Singa Yesu Singa
  3. Sana, Sananina
  4. Yakanaka Vhangeri
  5. Aya Ngena
  6. Ipharadisi
  7. Uyingcwele Baba
  8. Masithi, Lord Jesus
  9. Bianu umuaka kwenu
  10. Mother Sun
  11. Deep in the earth / Madshekule
  12. Banuwa-Round
  13. Si ma ma kaa
  14. Hambani kahle

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