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Opela – We Are Here to Sing Conductor's Edition SATB

13 African choral songs from Namibia

  • Music: Namibia, traditional
  • Arrangement: Peter Matz, Bonnie Pereko
  • Lyrics: Peter Matz, Namibia, traditional
  • Voicing: unaccompanied, 4-part
  • Components: Choral Collection, Audio CD
  • Details: 32 pages, 195 x 270 x 4 mm
  • ISMN: 979-0-50202-561-8
  • ISBN: 978-3-85061-827-4
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In Namibia, singing is ever-present wherever you go. People sing almost everywhere, at work, at celebrations, as a way of expressing joy or sorrow, or as a means of passing on traditional stories by word of mouth. There is a suitable repertoire for every occasion. The songs in this collection are marvellously suitable for part singing without piano accompaniment, both for experiences choirs and for unpractised not-yet-singers. The colourful melodies and the simple but lively arrangements can be learned within a very short time and then performed immediately, for example as a creative contribution to a religious service. At the same time, the musical material is so rich in content that imaginative choirs can develop it into rousing concert pieces. They will find the CD by the UNAM Choir a rich source of ideas.

  • Okaana ka meme / Until We Reach Eternal Home
  • Hare !Khub di / Children Come
  • Castello / Praise Him
  • Salem Salem / Amen, Amen
  • Ti mama / Oh Come Lord
  • Shower Your Grace
  • Opela / We Are Here to Sing
  • Meme wa Selina / Send Us, Lord
  • Zulu Mamma / Our God Is Power
  • Ongunda ja dingilia / Angels Surround the Throne of God
  • Muhona / Hosanna Hallelujah
  • Enghenako / Living Water
  • Ntate eta ho rona / Together We Walk in Your Ways


  1. Okaana ka meme
  2. Hare! Khub di
  3. Castello
  4. Salem Salem
  5. Ti mama
  6. Opela / We Are Here to Sing
  7. Meme wa Selina
  8. Zulu Mamma
  9. Ongunda ja dingilia
  10. Muhona
  11. Enghenako
  12. Ntate eta ho rona

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