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The Teacher’s Guide has been fully revised and updated to fit the needs of today’s teachers. A range of features helps to ensure positive learning outcomes in a well-managed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Getting started

  • a comprehensive introduction to the course
  • descriptions of key new features
  • techniques for exploiting video
  • a summary of digital / online resources
  • a unit overview and explanation

Scoping and planning

  • an easy-to-follow Student’s Book
  • table of contents
  • a key to the course icons
  • unit and lesson summaries
  • individual lesson pathways

Mixed-ability classes

  • ideas for additional support or challenge depending on students’ needs
  • suggestions for fast finishers

Maximizing on materials

  • clear, step-by-step lesson notes including answer keys and transcripts
  • advice on points of grammar, usage, and register
  • a range of extra ideas
  • background notes for extra guidance on key topics

Time-out techniques

  • regular De-stress sections help both students and teachers to refocus and energize through the learning and teaching cycles
PLUS, on e-zone:
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack:
    • Presentation Software (IWB)
    • Teacher’s Book + Class & Workbook Audio
    • Reference Materials
  • Assessment package:
    • Placement Test
    • Testbuilder + Tests Audio
    • Exam Practice


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Teaching notes and answer keys
  • e-book+ for class presentation offline for Windows/macOS
American JETSTREAM Second edition
American JETSTREAM Second edition

is the second edition of Helbling’s successful 6-level course for adults based on a tried and tested syllabus, builds language skills for life, work, and study.

American JETSTREAM Second edition

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