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FOR REAL PLUS Elementary

Skills for life

For Real Plus Elementary ensures students reach A2, master the basics of English and improve their communication skills.

  • The Starter Book provides an overview of the basics with a focus on grammar, vocabulary and communication and enables students to speedily re-activate knowledge.
  • Real Talk tasks and Real Communication pages focus on functional language to build confidence and develop productive skills.
  • Regular Language check pages review new language and Grammar review tasks focus provide consolidation work with cumulative grammar tasks.
  • The Skills for Life feature presents and practises sub-skills for better performance and effective learning.
  • The photo-story Who’s that girl? is an engaging way to review new language and learn about life as a teenager in the UK.


Student’s Book and Workbook
  • 12 Units
  • Opener lessons with warm-up activities
  • Real Communication lessons focussing on interactional language
  • Key Grammar and Grammar Review
  • Vocabulary development & Word Expander boxes
  • Real language skills enhancement
  • Get into Culture & Interculture sections
  • Language check page
  • Bonus Lessons
  • Full-colour Workbook with grammar reference, wordlists, extensive vocabulary and grammar practice, and study skills
Starter Book
  • Bringing students up to speed
  • Classroom-friendly
Skills Book
  • Focus on one skill at a time
  • Top tips for exam success
  • Extensive Reading
On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+ with integrated audio and video plus Real Communication, Real Talk, Fast Finishers
  • Cyber Homework
  • CLIL Projects
  • Exam Practice
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Video
Teacher’s Guide
  • Infographic guide to key features of the course
  • Detailed overviews for easy lesson planning
  • Teaching notes and guidance
  • Author chats with lesson rationale
  • CEFR communicative competences
  • Transcripts and answer keys
  • Extra activities and fast finisher tasks
  • Benchmarking for exams
On Helbling e-zone
  • Full access to the students' area
  • Teacher's DIGI Pack including Presentation Software (IWB)
  • Downloadable Teacher's Guide with answer keys
  • Testbuilder
  • Placement Test
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Video

Scope & Sequence

Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level. 

Sample Materials

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Student's Book – Unit 5&6
Workbook – Unit 5&6
Skills Book – Unit 5&6



Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs taught English for many years abroad and in the UK, and is a prize-winning playwright and screenplay writer. He co-writes course books with Julia Starr Keddle, and has written and developed numerous video projects. He loves writing stories, especially graded readers for learners. He uses his creativity and film-making experience to make his materials involving and fun.

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Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle taught English abroad and in the UK for many years. She has written many successful course books with Martyn Hobbs and other materials for young people. Julia is particularly interested in accuracy and fluency, teen development, and developing ‘soft skills’. She loves thinking of new ways to present language and making it relevant, exciting and visually appealing.

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