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STUDIO Advanced

Space to learn

Exposure to a variety of texts and genres ensures students can deal with the multiple meanings of lexis at C1 level and fully understand a range of speakers in different contexts.

  • Substantial reading texts in a variety of genres, including real fiction
  • Genre-based 101 Things videos prepare students for using their functional English in a range of contexts
  • A wordmaker box in each unit focusses of word formation
  • A words in context feature for every reading, audio, and video text
  • Studio Views videos help students get used to the challenges of natural delivery and multiple speakers


Student’s Book
  • 12 units made up of three double-page main lessons and one video-based functional lesson (101 Things to do in English)
  • Six review units – one after every two units
  • Language Studio with six Writing pages plus comprehensive Vocabulary and Grammar reference
  • Transcripts of all the audio and video
  • An irregular verbs list
  • One page of grammar and vocabulary practice for each lesson in the Student’s Book
  • A review spread after every two units with a progress test covering vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, pronunciation, and dictation
  • Wordlists and Vocabulary Beats
  • Genre-based reading and listening activities at the end of each unit
On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+ including all video and audio plus extra interactive reading and listening activities
  • Cyber Homework
  • CLIL Projects
  • Exam Practice
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Vocabulary Beats
  • Video
  • Pairwork activities
Teacher’s Guide
  • Detailed unit overview
  • Methodology tips
  • Clear lesson summaries
  • Simple, straightforward teaching notes
  • Reproduced Student’s Book spreads
  • Answer keys and transcripts
  • Extra activities and exam practice
  • Listening and pronunciation tips
  • Photocopiable pairwork activities
On Helbling e-zone
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack
    • Presentation Software (IWB)
    • Testbuilder + Test Audio
    • Teacher’s Book + Class & Workbook Audio
    • Videoscapes
    • Reference material:
      • Scope & Sequence
      • Workbook keys
  • Placement Test
Helbling Media App
  • Audio
  • Vocabulary Beats
  • Video
  • Pairwork activities
  • Quick notes and answer keys

Scope & Sequence

Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level.

Sample Materials

Browse our sample materials now!

Student's Book – Contents
Student's Book – Unit 7
Workbook – Unit 7


Rob Metcalf

Rob Metcalf

Rob has taught English in the UK and Spain in both face-to-face and online contexts. As an author, he has written successful coursebooks for adult and teenage learners, and wrote a wide range of courses for one of the world’s first online language schools. He has spoken at conferences worldwide about life skills and the use of video in class.

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Rebecca Robb Benne

Rebecca Robb Benne

Rebecca Robb Benne has worked in ELT for thirty years as a teacher, editor and writer. She has taught in the UK and Germany, as well as in Denmark where she now lives. Rebecca has written several coursebooks for teenagers and adults as well as online modules on contemporary topics, and has been nominated for a British Council ELTon Innovation Award.

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