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Ellie and her parents go on holiday to the jungle. Everything is different in the jungle, Ellie thinks it is a magical place. But it can also be dangerous. When Ellie’s parents and their guide fall out of the raft and into the river, Ellie is left on her own. Can Ellie remember the rules of the jungle? And how do a parrot and a fox show her the road to survival?

Recording in British English.

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 Language Learner Literature Award - WINNER
Language Learner Literature Award - WINNER

In 2004, the Extensive Reading Foundation established the Language Learner Literature Award for graded readers in English. The Award aims to support the development of language learner literature in English, and to encourage extensive reading in language education.
These awards are conferred each year on books that are selected for their outstanding overall quality and likely enduring appeal. An international jury makes the final choices, taking into account the Internet votes of students, teachers and others from around the world.

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The Thinking Train
The Thinking Train

is a unique brand new series of picture books which focus on the development of children’s thinking skills through the use of stories.

The Thinking Train

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