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Sarah Seven, Martyn Hobbs, Julia Starr Keddle

SURE Beginner Teacher's Book A American English

  • Series: SURE, SURE Beginner
  • Series Level: Beginner
  • School Type: High School
  • Language Level: CEFR A1
  • Components: Teacher's Book A, 2 Class Audio CDs (in AE), Testbuilder CD-ROM (in AE), DVD, e-zone resources
  • Details: 100 pages, 210 x 297 x 6.45 mm
  • Version: Combo Split
  • ISBN: 978-3-85272-827-8

SURE Teacher’s Book is packed with fresh, practical ideas and activities that really provide support and guidance for every lesson. 

Online Testbuilder

Specially developed Basic and Progress Plus tests provide sufficient challenge for teachers to effectively evaluate student progress. SURE’s editable Testbuilder means teachers can tailor the tests themselves before printing. Tests are also available in a ready-to-go print version. Teacher resources and approximately one hour of listening material are also included.

PLUS, on e-zone:

Teacher’s DIGI Pack

  • Presentation Software (IWB)
  • Testbuilder + Test audio
  • Teacher’s Book + Class audio
  • Reference material
    • Scope & Sequence
    • Trinity GESE & ISE maps
    • Grammar reference
    • Wordlist
  • Photocopiables
    • Entry test
    • Placement Test
    • Video lessons worksheets + keys
    • Grammar help + keys
    • Speaking skills for exams
    • Word banks

Helbling Media App

  • Audio
  • Video

Please note that the new browser-based e-book+ will gradually replace the Cloud Book (the installer packages for the Cloud Book will continue to be available until further notice).


is a 4-level course book by successful author team Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle for today’s digitally native and globally aware students.


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