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OPTIONS Workbook (in full colour) includes a four-page Welcome Unit and 8 eight-page main Units. Each main Unit contains:

  • Two full pages of activities to practise the Vocabulary presented in the Student’s Book
  • Two full pages of activities to practise the Grammar points presented in the Student’s Book
  • A skills page that focuses on listening & speaking and offer options for differentiated teaching
  • One full page of Reading practice with Basic and Enriched versions of the text
  • One full page of Writing practice with options for mixed-ability learning
  • Words & phrases - a full summary of all new words and phrasal verbs presented in each unit and useful sentences to help students learn and remember in context

on Helbling e-zone

  • Interactive e-book+
  • Vocabulary Trainer

Helbling Media App

  • Audio
  • Basic/Enriched reading texts

is a new, exciting four-level course for secondary students by world-renowned author Herbert Puchta & team, providing successful solutions for mixed-ability classes.


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