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Amanda Maris

JETSTREAM Beginner Workbook

  • Series: JETSTREAM, JETSTREAM Beginner
  • Series Level: Beginner
  • School Type: High School, University
  • Language Level: CEFR A1
  • Components: Workbook, WB Audio CD, e-zone resources
  • Details: 72 pages, 210 x 297 x 5.88 mm
  • Version: Separate
  • ISBN: 978-3-85272-972-5

The Workbook provides:

  • grammar, vocabulary and skills practice
  • fun Review quizzes
  • pronunciation activities
  • Check your Progress tests
  • 12-page writing skills section
  • wordlist with phonetics
PLUS, on e-zone:
  • e-book+
  • Workbook Audio

Full audio content on the go.


is a digital-age 6-level course for adult learners. It offers a learning experience that is fun and motivating and prepares students to use their English effectively in work and life.


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