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The Student’s Book contains 6 units made up of two double-page main lessons (A and B) and one functional lesson (101 Things to do in English).
It also contains:

  • three Review units – one after every two units
  • Language Studio with three Writing pages plus comprehensive Vocabulary and Grammar reference
  • transcripts of the audio and video
  • an irregular verbs list

The Workbook contains one page of grammar and vocabulary practice for each lesson in the Student’s Book.
It also contains:

  • a Review spread after every two units with a progress test covering vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, pronunciation and dictation
  • Wordlists and Vocabulary Beats
  • genre-based reading and listening activities at the end of each unit

on Helbling e-zone:

  • e-book+
    An interactive version of the Student’s Book & Workbook including all video and audio plus extra interactive reading and listening activities and Vocabulary Beats
  • Cyber Homework
    Interactive activities covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening and functional language
  • Projects
    Students can produce resources such as texts, documents or images, to be shared with the teacher and their class
  • Exam Practice
    Activities to cover all the Cambridge exams from A2 Key through to C1 Advanced, plus TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS


Helbling Media App

The App allows students to access all media for the course, including:

  • all audio plus Vocabulary Beats
  • all video
  • all pairwork activities within the lessons and the Reviews 
American STUDIO
American STUDIO

is a brand-new six-level course for adult learners from A1 to C1 (Beginner to Advanced), with an innovative lesson-based approach to topics.

American STUDIO

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