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Helbling Readers Blue Series Fiction

Good readers make good learners!

A series of beautifully illustrated original fiction by award-winning authors for a choice of compelling teen-relevant stories with a controlled level of language, content and narrative devices in order to ensure the reader enjoys every moment of the read.

  • Meet the author sections offer advice and inspiration from our authors
  • Detailed Before and After Reading activities help and check understanding
  • New pages dedicated to Exam Practice and Vocabulary Building
  • Pair work provides real language work while developing core speaking skills
  • Reflection Boxes throughout the stories allow the students to stop and think about the story and draw links between the themes explored and their own lives and experiences

    Language & Exams

    LEVEL 4 - A2/B1

    Towards Cambridge B1 Preliminary
    Trinity ISE Foundation/ISE I (GESE Grades 4-5)

    Other future forms; first and second conditional; present and past passive; modal verbs: may/might/will/would; could, was able to, managed to; phrasal verbs; causative have and get; want/ask/tell someone to do something; used to/used to doing; used to/would; defining relative clauses.

    LEVEL 5 - B1

    Cambridge B1 Preliminary
    Trinity ISE I (GESE Grades 5-6)

    Past perfect; present perfect continuous; subjunctive; reported speech; when and if with future tenses; expressing wishes and regrets; non-defining relative clauses; infinitive – gerunds; simple subordinating conjunctions (once, whereas, unless, except, provided); multiple noun phrases (and conjunctions) to create sequential narratives.