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Helbling Readers Red Series Fiction ‘Listen in’ Stories

Good readers make good learners!

A brand-new mini-series in three levels with a special focus on active listening skills where readers help the main characters to solve an exciting mystery.

  • Key vocabulary is pre-taught in an introductory section
  • Listen in pages after each chapter enhance different learning skills: discriminative listening; precise listening; listening for gist and summarising; listening for inference
  • Listen in and Speak and Listen in and Debate spreads take learners from attentive listening to critical response and help develop oracy skills
  • Special Listen in boxes focus on pronunciation practice
  • Before and After Reading activities develop active listening skills
  • Written by Gavin Biggs

    More About

    'Listen in' is a series by Gavin Biggs with a special focus on developing your students’ active listening skills as they read.

    ‘Listen in’ Stories Teacher’s Guide

    Download the ‘Listen in’ Stories Teacher’s Guide PDF to make the most of your books.