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JETSTREAM Intermediate

Everything you need for adult learners

JETSTREAM Intermediate develops students’ language and skills enabling them to use English effectively in work and life.

  • Communicative roleplay activities, based on scenarios and dialogues, develop students’ interactive speaking skills
  • In Mini-talk tasks students prepare their ideas and present their talk to classmates, practising productive speaking skills
  • Listening reflects a variety of real-life situations, including conversations, interviews, talks, reports and radio programmes, and focuses on listening sub-skills
  • A Song, Poem, Video or Music Link in every unit encourages students to use English in a fun and less formal way
  • Optional Video tasks ask students to record an oral presentation on camera and share with others


Student’s Book
  • 12 Units
  • Everyday English sections
  • Vocabulary plus pages
  • Review units every two units
  • A comprehensive Grammar reference
  • Information-gap activities and extra material
  • Complete transcripts for the audio
  • A Pronunciation spread focusing on problematic sounds
  • An irregular verbs list
  • 12 Units
  • Vocabulary plus and Everyday English pages
  • A review quiz every two units
  • A Check your progress test every two units
  • One page of dedicated Writing practice every unit
  • A ‘do-it-yourself’ dictionary with phonetics listing key vocabulary
On Helbling e-zone
  • Everyday English videos
  • e-book+ –  interactive Student’s Book & Workbook with integrated audio and video plus extra activities
  • Cyber Homework – interactive activities covering grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and dialogues
  • Student practice – including Pronunciation and Exam Practice & Practice Papers
  • CLIL projects
  • Audios
  • Audio
  • Video
Teacher’s Guide with Class Audio CDs
  • Full teaching notes, transcripts, keys and useful background information, plus ideas for early finishers and mixed-ability suggestions
  • Photocopiable games and tasks
  • Six ‘technique banks’ giving ideas for:
    • Using the videos
    • Using memory games
    • Working with mixed-ability classes
    • Ensuring learner autonomy and using technology
  • Three Class Audio CDs contain all the listening material for the Student’s Book
On Helbling e-zone
  • Full access to the students’ area
  • Teacher's DIGI Pack including Presentation Software (IWB)
  • Downloadable Teacher’s Guide with answer keys
  • Testbuilder containing 12 Unit tests and 6 Progress tests
  • Placement Test
  • Audio
  • Video

Scope & Sequence

Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level.

Sample Materials

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Student's Book – Unit 5
Workbook – Unit 5




Jane Revell

Jane Revell

Da quando ha iniziato a fare l’insegnante volontaria in Ruanda all'età di circa venti anni, Jane ha insegnato l’inglese e fatto da trainer ad insegnanti in tutto il mondo. Ha vinto per ben tre volte il premio ESU Duke of Edinburgh Award per i suoi corsi e le sue metodologie, ed è inoltre autrice di readers, racconti per bambini, materiali radiofonici e video per la BBC.

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Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy è un pluripremiato autore di ELT e teacher trainer. Le sue pubblicazioni includono corsi per adulti e testi di metodologia.
Jeremy ha insegnato nel Regno Unito e in Messico e online (per il MATESOL presso la New School, New York). Ha viaggiato molto lavorando con insegnanti di tutto il mondo.
 Jeremy è inoltre un musicista e spoken word performer.

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