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Hooray! Let's play! Second Edition

The best start for very young learners

The updated version of our award-winning course for teaching English to very young learners.

  • 3-level course for 3-to-5 year-olds
  • A unique multi-sensory approach
  • Introduces basic listening and speaking skills
  • Develops the children’s phonological awareness
  • Prepares young learners for writing
  • Promotes social and thinking skills
  • New culture, phonics and review pages
  • Fun and engaging digital package

Key Features

The Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition approach develops young children’s core skills and promotes learning through play, movement (TPR), songs and thinking activities.

Download and print out the promo leaflet for an exhaustive overview of the course.

Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition Leaflet

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Children are encouraged to use all their senses to understand and reproduce new language, aiding learning and retention. Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition aims to involve as many senses as possible during the language-learning process through motivating games, stories, action stories and songs. The use of music, movement and rhymes helps to develop memory in a fun way.

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By using Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition children train their thinking skills, thereby developing both their language and their ability to reason. Specific Thinking Skills activities are designed to develop key cognitive skills, such as focussing attention, recognising similarities and differences and identifying and continuing sequences.

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Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition develops children’s social, emotional and spatial skills by encouraging them to work together, play, resolve problems and reproduce actions and key language.

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Stories make an essential contribution to the cultural, social, emotional and ethical development of a child. In Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition motivating and enjoyable value-based stories encourage children to remember language and understand sequences of events while creating an awareness and understanding of key social values, such as cooperation, friendship and sharing. 

HLP SE | Characters

Care is taken to ensure that children experience the act of language learning as a positive one right from the beginning and are enthusiastic and motivated by the activities they are required to do. Peter, Rosie, Connie and Tom quickly befriend the children and create a positive and warm learning environment.

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Hooray! Let’s play! Second Edition is fun and easy to teach allowing children to learn in a natural and memorable way. Teachers are provided with teaching notes, games and activities for engaging and up-to-date lessons in the classroom, all of which can be found in the Teacher’s DIGI Pack/Presentation Software (IWB).

Levels & Samples

Please click on each level to access the Scope & Sequence and Sample Material.


Student’s Book
  • 6 main units, each with pull-out worksheets including:
    • Chant
    • TPR (Total Physical Response) action story
    • Song
    • Listening comprehension
    • Story/story song
    • Thinking skill
    • Phonics lesson
    • Our World lesson (for Levels A and B)
  • Review sections
  • Extra units
  • Stickers
Activity Book
  • 6 main units
  • Language and vocabulary reinforcement
  • CLIL-based projects
  • Picture dictionary
  • Stickers (for Levels A and B)
Alphabet Book
  • Recognition and formation of the written letters
  • Fine motor skills development
Science & Math Activity Book (A and B levels)
  • 6 main units
  • Introduction to numbers, spaces and spatial relations
  • Logical thinking development
  • Stickers
Fine Motor Skills and Phonological Awareness Activity Books (A and B levels)
  • 6 units
  • Introduction to lines, letters and sounds
  • Natural promotion of the reading skill
On Helbling e-zone kids
  • Games
  • Songs and chants
  • Animated videos (for Levels A and B)



Songs, chants, and videos on the go.


Teacher’s Book
  • Detailed step-by-step guide for new & experienced teachers
  • Transcripts of the songs
  • Games
Card sets
  • Story cards for listening to and retelling the stories
  • Flashcards to introduce and practise key vocabulary and to play games
Peter the Panda hand puppet
Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness and Science & Math Teacher’s Guide (A and B levels)


On Helbling e-zone kids
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack / Presentation Software (IWB):
    • Digital versions of the Student’s Book, Activity Book and Alphabet Book
    • Step-by-step lesson notes
    • All audio content
    • Animated videos
    • Games
    • Interactive vocabulary posters
    • Flashcards
    • Story cards
    • Picture dictionary
    • Letters to parents/carers
    • Extra worksheets
    • Teacher training video
  • For Science & Math Activity Book and Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness Activity Book
    • Flashcards
    • Photocopiable Worksheets
    • Scope & Sequence

Plus Helbling Media App with songs, chants, and videos.

What’s new in the Second Edition?

HLP Second Edition Collage
  • Pupil-friendly spiral binding for Student & Activity Books
  • Phonics pages in each unit focus on sound and forming letters
  • Our World pages in each unit of Levels A and B have real life photos and listening activities
  • Review pages after every two units cover key vocabulary and a new parental engagement section
  • Activities for early finishers progress from simple tasks to more complex items
  • Two Extra Units at each level include universal themes of birthdays, family fun, and caring for the Earth
  • Activity Books for all levels
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack / Presentation Software (IWB) with all audio, video, and interactive teaching materials
  • Interactive vocabulary poster for each unit
  • Helbling e-zone kids with games, audio, and video
  • Helbling Media App with songs, chants, and animated videos

Teacher’s DIGI Pack / Presentation Software (IWB)

HLP SE | Screenshots | First Screen

The Teacher’s DIGI Pack / Presentation Software (IWB) integrates all materials from the course, allowing teachers to access resources quickly and easily. Lessons can be projected onto a whiteboard where the class can work together to carry out the activities.


Quick access to multimedia material at any time, anywhere - with or without internet connection.

All audio and video content for Hooray! Let's play! Second Edition is available via the HELBLING Media App for both pupils and teachers, on mobile devices and desktop computers.

HLP SE | demo app

The HELBLING Media App is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

Download from the app store of your choice or via

Get the Hooray! Let's play! Second Edition A Media App - DEMO!

HLP SE | Media App | demo code

Download the free HELBLING Media App.
Open the app and add the media content by scanning the QR code or entering this access code:

Go to HELBLING Media App



Engage and motivate young learners with fun animated videos. Hooray! Let's play! Second Edition also includes a teacher training video, demonstrating how some of the materials and resources can be used in the classroom.


The teacher training video shows one of the authors of the course, Herbert Puchta, at work in the classroom with children of 3–5 years. It demonstrates how some of the materials and activities can be used within the classroom, applying multi-sensory teaching techniques which focus on the needs and cognitive capabilities of very young learners.


Fully animated videos of all the stories from Hooray! Let’s play! A and B can be used to introduce or revise the stories in class in a fun and engaging way. (Also available on the Helbling Media App).

Gli autori

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta è autore pluripremiato di libri di testo e teacher trainer. Ha svolto il ruolo di plenary speaker in numerose conferenze internazionali, tenendo workshops e seminari in oltre 30 paesi. Da circa 30 anni svolge ricerca sulle applicazioni pratiche della psicologia cognitiva all’insegnamento dell’inglese come lingua straniera.

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Günter Gerngross

Günter Gerngross

Günter Gerngross è stato un apprezzato teacher trainer e autore di libri di testo per la scuola primaria e secondaria, metodologie e letture graduate. Il suo interesse primario risiedeva nelle dinamiche dell’insegnamento e dell’apprendimento, nonché nelle applicazioni della psicologia cognitiva al mondo reale delle classi ELT.

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