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Listening, dancing, singing, song writing, discussing an album, playing, visiting a concert, reading your favourite band’s blog – Music Is What People Do. Music is a central activity in peoples’ lives, and a way of dealing with the world that cannot be replaced by any other. This is why music is part of school education in many countries. Placing learners‘ preferences of doing music at the centre of school music requires a practice-based and learner-centred education that gives students the opportunity to share, exchange and develop their rich musical experiences and skills in the classroom. Furthermore, an understanding of music as a practice requires praxeological approaches to research in music education.

Following this theme, European Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 11, focusses on music practices in the classroom, diversity in music making, learning and teaching and praxeological perspectives on music education, and presents music (education) practices in times of the pandemic. Authors from several European countries, Kenya and the United States of America give insights into a wide spectrum of innovative ways of doing music inside and outside of school, and discuss recent research findings.

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