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The Teacher’s Book contains clear and concise teaching notes for each unit. A reproduction of the relevant Student’s Book pages, plus a clear lesson summary, lesson objectives and lesson pathway give the teacher an easy introduction to each lesson. The teaching notes follow, with answer keys at the end of each section and useful extra activity ideas throughout. Full audio and video transcripts are given at the end of each lesson.
It also contains the following extra material:

  • Methodology tips for these areas:
    • lesson planning
    • teaching pronunciation
    • teaching grammar
    • teaching vocabulary
    • error correction and feedback
    • role-play
    • exploiting audio and video
    • learner training and autonomy
    • pairwork
  • Language studio answer keys for the Writing studios

on Helbling e-zone:

  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack:
    • Presentation Software (IWB)
    • Testbuilder + Test Audio
    • Teacher’s Book + Class & Workbook Audio
    • Videoscapes
    • Reference Material:
      • Scope & Sequence
      • Workbook keys
  • Placement Test

Helbling Media App

The App allows teachers to access all media for the course, including:

  • Audio
  • Vocabulary Beats
  • Video
  • Pairwork activities
  • Quick notes and answer keys

is the exciting new six-level course for adult learners from A1 to C1 (Beginner to Advanced), with an innovative lesson-based approach to topics.


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