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Shakespeare in the Language Class

Here you'll find resources that help you work with Shakespeare's plays in your language lessons.

Helbling Shakespeare Series

Check out our Shakespeare Series and titles here:


Webinar and videos

Watch this webinar to get ideas on working with Shakespeare's texts and the Helbling Shakespeare Series:


Watch this video to learn more about the 'From Reading to Performing' sections of the Shakespeare Series books. 


Watch this video of the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet.

The video shows a secondary school class performing the scene as part of the 'From Reading to Performance' feature of the series.


This blog post and interview will help you approach the texts and use the Shakespeare Series in class.

Here you will find a detailed overview of the structure of the Shakespeare Series:


Shakespeare 400 worksheets

We have four worksheets you can use with lower and higher-level classes, all written by Robert Campbell. Learn about Shakespeare's life, time, works, and their adaptations.

Learn about Shakespeare

Watch this literature documentary about Shakespeare from SURE Intermediate, our course book for young adults. The literature videos in this course book explore iconic figures in British and American literature.


The Green Room

Read this story and get inspired to put on a play with your students.

The Green Room is an original story written by Robert Campbell ( and illustrated by Valentina Russello), which won the Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Award in 2013.

What's the story about? Laura’s dream is to become a famous actress. When she auditions for The Green Room summer school she meets Nathan, who shares her dream. But Laura and Nathan both have secrets. That summer at The Green Room Laura and Nathan grow up and learn that it is better to tell the truth and keep their acting for the stage.

Read our interviews with Robert Campbell.


Download our project worksheet and read Act V Scene 1 from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare:

Read our lesson plan and download our cue cards to create some role-plays inspired by classic novels.

Read about using drama in the classroom, learn about book dramatizations and explore some resources.