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Helbling Book Clubs

Book Clubs are small groups that meet regularly to talk about various types of texts.

Book clubs usually have facilitators, often teachers or librarians, and the members of a book club take on roles at each session. They use role cards, which make sure that the book club is student-driven and everyone joins in the discussion. These roles may change from session to session or rotate at given intervals. Book clubs should have access to a wide range of reading materials. These materials can be graded readers, poems and carefully chosen newspapers and magazines. From time to time you can have a book club session when you do quizzes, watch a film, discuss magazine articles or do an art project. You will find resources here.

Book Club Resources

Book Club Starter Kit

Role cards, role badges, level tests, book selection activities, book personality quizzes, a book club schedule and reading timers.

Book Club and Reading Games

Fun activities and games.

Film tie-ins

Here you will find a list of film adaptations of novels which can be found our series.